Thursday, March 8, 2012

Baby E's first snow as spring arrives

We finally made the trip to Mt. Hood to let the kids play in the snow and let Baby E actually see snow for the first time. Usually we get a little snow at the house every winter. It doesn't usually stick around long, but it gives the kids enough to play with for a day or two. But this year we have had zero snow! So sad. I love snow!

Baby E seemed to really love the snow too! But I think what she liked the most was the super sweet hot chocolate we got at the lodge. Yum!

I got a few pictures of Mad-cat where she wasn't glaring at the camera! LOL... She is a typical teenager. I did manage to get this one and I just love it!
Love those eyes of hers!
 What a great big brother! He loves caring for his little sister!

Right after this trip temps reached the mid 60's here and reminded me it is time to prepare for Spring and Summer products for the shop. Summer hats are in the works as well are summer sandals. Here are a couple of them.

I love these booties because they really stayed on Baby E's feet well. The trick to a good fit is the ankle strap. If the strap fits well, the booty fits well. Not to mention this are just the cutest booties you will ever find!

Of course, like most of my products, if you like it and want it made to order, just let me know.