Saturday, April 14, 2012

Baby T's Crib Blanket

So excited to send this baby blanket off today to Baby T! I am so happy to be an auntie to my very first niece (through my direct family). For the main part of this blanket I used a very easy stitch from It is free and you can print and download a copy at

I used Paton Beehive Baby Chunky yarn, which I found to be very soft and appropriate for a baby blanket. I used about 3 skeins of each color to complete this project. It is almost the width of a baby crib and several inches shorter. For the top and bottom edge I had to play around a bit with different styles. I did not care for the border in the Caron pattern so I came up with one I thought more appropriate for a little girl. This border reminds me of a princess crown. It is so simple to make and would look nice as a trim on almost anything.

The pattern for this is as follows:

Chain the length desired in multiples of 6 plus 2ch. For instance, I chained 104. That is 102 (a multiple of 6) plus 2. If you do the same you should, in the end, have 17 crown points on your border. (17 X 6 = 102 + 2 = 104 chains). Hope that makes sense.

Sc in 2nd chain from hook, *skip next 2 ch, (3 dc, chain 4, sl st in base of first ch of the last ch four group, 3 dc) all in next ch. Skip 2 ch, sc in next ch*, Repeat from * to * to the end of row.

If you are making this trim on a blanket like the one I have made, you should make a row of sc around your blanket first and then apply this trim. The instruction would be the same except that you will be stitching in sc and not chains (ch). On the corners of this blanket I just sc, ch 1, sc, and then continued down the next side with the crown pattern.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Solar System Science Project

We are currently learning about planets and studying images from the Hubble space craft in science class. I never anticipated that it would turn into a lesson on creation and our Heavenly Father. My son says to me as we are studying an image of space showing dozens and dozens of galaxies, “How did they all get there?” Indeed!!! I had to explain to him that each galaxy had the potential to have many solar systems just like Earth’s. He didn’t realize just how big a galaxy was or that our own galaxy has innumerable solar systems that some estimate in the millions or billions!!! Each system could potentially hold planets with conditions like Earth’s. Absolutely incredible fact on its own…and here we were looking at an image sent back from Hubble of numerous galaxies, of which millions of billions of solar systems potentially existed on each! It really boggles the mind.

My son says to me at this point, matter of factly, that he just doesn’t understand how anyone can believe that there is no God, no creator. When we consider all that makes up the universe, and the fact that there is no perceivable beginning or end to it, to assume that there wasn’t a creator seems foolish. It is as though you can see God at work forming the stars from within clouds of gaseous nebulas emanating the most beautiful colors and designs! You think the Grand Canyon is majestic, if only we could sit at the foot of a Nebula!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

DeClutter in April

Isn't it so much easier to breathe in clutter free homes that have plenty of natural light, and are clean and tidy? Maybe this is your home! Lucky you! (can I come stay for a while!!) But for many of us, it takes some effort to get our homes in such order. Especially for those of us with children in the home. Personally, I cannot relax and enjoy myself in a home that is a cluttered and in disorder; and this includes my own home. Maybe it’s the OCD in me, but I just like everything in its place and I love a light airy atmosphere in the home.

I did take a month off from decluttering and now I feel like I must play catch up! So, if this is your first visit to my blog, let me quickly fill you in. I found an amazing self-help blog with the focus of assisting others in simplifying their lives and homes through reducing clutter. The site is called My Simpler Life and here is the link. This blog is designed to guide you day by day to getting your home in ship shape order! I find to be successful in tasks like this that encouragement is a necessity for success! So please feel free to encourage me and hopefully I will do the same for you!

If you follow the link above you can sign up to receive encouraging emails and reminders and you can also download the 2012 month by month calendar of declutter activities. This month, as per the calendar activities, I will be working on reducing household knick knacks, reducing the number of blankets and pillows on beds and couches, throw out old magazines, throw out old pots and pans that the non-stick sealant is peeling on (I was warned that it can cause cancer…who knew?), clean up my baking supply draw that my baby loves to rummage through, throw out old make up, go through my paper/mail basket and dispose of old out dated items no longer needed, organize my laundry room cupboard…..and that is it! Whew! That sure does seem like a lot to me!

In addition to all this, I plan to take a large box into my bedroom closet and get rid of all those clothes that I have not warn in the last two years. I think I may also part with all the maternity items….though I may shed a tear or two in the process of closing that chapter.

You may be asking yourself why bother going through all this trouble every day for one year. For me, I never saw the need for such measures during the first few years of my marriage because we moved so much. Every time we moved we threw out so many things, including old out dated materials. We then would start off fresh again in a new location with minimal clutter. However, now after living in the same location for so many years, the clutter has started to pile up! The more you let that go, the harder it will be to clean it up later. This can include items such as pantry goods, spices, medications, clothing, make-up, toiletries, home improvement left overs (paints, solvents, pest sprays), books, magazines, and old bills. Some of these items must be disposed of in a safe manner, which causes many of us to hold on to them until we have time, which thus leads to a pile up of the item! Kinda feels like the “When you give a mouse a cookies” book, doesn’t it?

If you give a women some perfume she may want some lipstick to go with it.

When you give her the lipstick, it will remind her that she wanted to go on a date.

She will need a new dress for the date, so she buys a nice new red dress.

The red dress reminds her that she doesn’t have any shoes to match the dress,

So she will buy a new pair of red shoes.

As she is waiting in line to pay for the shoes, she sees a pair of sandals that she simply must have.

She buys the sandals and the new red shoes.

The sandals remind her of the beach, which reminds her that she needs a new bathing suit.

The new bathing suit makes her look fat, which causes her to buy a whole bunch of diet food.

After losing a few pounds she tires of the diet food and lets it sit on the shelf to expire.

The expired food reminds her that she spent too much money on all that diet food and so she will being collecting coupons.

The coupons pile up on her counter for a few weeks, until she finally uses the ones that have not expired yet.

When she picks up the coupons she will see that she really needs to clean her counters.

So she will clean her counters, and that will motivate her to then scrub the floor, which will then motivate her to clean the entire first floor of the home.

Once done, she will be exhausted and in need of some pampering, which will remind her of the perfume her husband bought her.

Hehe! Not quite the way it goes for all, but the big picture is that these little things pile up into big things!! I think the secret to success in this is motivation. I cannot determine what motivates you. For me, it’s my family and for my own inner peace. I want to instill good habits into my children and I want to be able to relax and enjoy their company instead of worrying about cleaning a stack of papers in the kitchen. Really, it only takes a few minutes a day to be successful…if you do it every day. Or you can spend a weekend on it every month. Either way, it will get done and you will feel better having that load off your back. . Okay…gotta go and get started! Wish me luck!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

My little Baby E

It is hard to believe that my little Baby E will be 1 year old soon! I don't remember the other two growing up so fast. It really does seem like it was only a couple months ago that I held her in my arms for the first time. Now, this sweet little girl is on the verge of walking! It was so incredible yesterday when I saw her take a step all by herself. :-) Honestly, this little girl is the most cheerful, easy going baby. She is such a joy to be around. We are so blessed to have her in our lives! So to start the 1 year celebration off, a little early I know, here is part of  Baby E's first year in pictures.