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Seriously! It has been F O R E V E R since I wrote in this blog! I have been so busy with other caring for 4 kids, my awesome husband and new photography business. Yeah, I guess that is kind of a big deal. I finally got real brave and ventured into the world of business owner. It's a bit scary...and marketing in of itself is overwhelming at times, but I am learning to see the positives of marketing. I get to meet so many new people, people I wouldn't have met otherwise. Through talking with new people and sharing my business with them I not only make new friends, but people in the community who offer support and wisdom to guide me through this process of running a business.
The first few months, after I knew I was going to do this, I spent trying to really identify my style and what I wanted to specialize in. It was pretty much a no brainier that I wanted to work with kids, and especially newborns. After my first couple of sessions with newborns I was all in! I loved it! Yes, it was a lot of hard work and patience, but it was all so worth it! The images I captured were just amazing! I knew I could do it, but to see it come to fruition in such a artistic and awe inspiring way was full confirmation that this was the avenue I needed to pursue.
Baby photography is not for everyone, but it seems like a lot of people out there are doing it now. I don't know why that is. Maybe we all just love babies. Maybe some people think it's easy money. I don't know, but what I will say is that there is no shortage of "photographers" out there taking mediocre pictures, using unsafe practices that endanger the baby, and are still accepting people's money for this service. I am not in competition with anyone. I offer my services to anyone who wants them and take what business I can get. With that said, I think it is important to stress that no one should go into this line of work unless they are experienced, understand photography, knowledgeable and skilled with young babies, and are willing to put safety first, above all else, even if it means not getting your "dream" shot. I will never jeopardize the safety of a baby for any image. I also will continue my education in photography until I stop the business or die, whichever comes first. Learning never stops, and no amount of learning will ever make you a perfect photographer. However, basic understanding of exposure and other basic photography skills is a necessity if you are putting yourself out there and accepting payments for your work. Alright, I am off the soapbox now.
I am maintaining a business blog on my website too. Here is my latest blog post from ~ I always knew I wanted kids. My plan at 18, as I told my mother, was to have 4 children. “HA!” she replied. “You just wait! You have no idea how much work kids are! You’ll be done at two.” And, you know what? She was almost right. Problem is, I love my kids so much and I love all kids in general, so even after 10 years had past after my 2nd child was born, I could not shake that desire to have more. And so then came number 3 and number 4. I can’t imagine my life without them. They are so amazing. This is how I feel every time I meet a new little person. They are all so unique and different….and special. Life has a way of jading even the most sweetest of people, but a little baby, and young children, haven’t had enough life experience to have developed those rough edges. They are simply and purely innocent, sweet and delicious! I adore the smell and the little sounds that newborn babies make. I adore their cries, their squinty little eyes, their wrinkled little toes, and their delicate soft skin. I adore being on that call list and getting emails and phone calls at all hours from moms and dads telling me that they are at the hospital about ready to deliver their baby! What a blessing to be a part of such a miracle. I’ve had a lot of practice getting to learn how best to sooth and handle newborns. Having four of my own was one thing, but having to care for a baby that is not your own adds a little more caution into the picture. When I was in my early 20′s I worked in early childcare. I cared for newborns and toddlers up to two years of age. It was a blast! I fell in love with my kids and I cried when they moved away. Those early years working with so many kids built up my confidence as a mother and as an adult capable and skilled in working with young children. I moved on from their and began teaching preschool. Again, another awesome experience, especially as I watched my little preschoolers excel in kindergarten and elementary school and then later as I watch them grow into young men and women. It blows my mind how quickly they grow.
Hillsboro Newborn Photographer As a photographer, I feel what I provide is a way to time capsule these amazing steps in life to chronicle their journey through life. One day you will blink your eyes and poof, your 1 year old is turning 16. Trust me, I know and it scares me to pieces! I find myself going through our old photos trying to remember my little girl and her sweet innocence and absolute love and adoration of her mom and dad. I do this now, because frankly, at 16, most of the time she acts like all she wants to do is get as far away from us as she possibly can. It breaks my heart. Yet, I will always have the photos and videos of her to remember her childhood. And that, friends, is priceless! My goal in every single newborn session is to capture those stunning, moving, adorable pictures of your baby for you to treasure for all your days…and then for your kids and their kids to treasure and pass on to the next generation. You may never be able to smell that newborn smell, or feel that newborn skin, or peer into those dark squinty eyes again after those first few months, but investing in your newborn session will allow you to always remember every little detail of your baby forever. You will never, ever look back and regret getting newborn baby pictures done. I can not say that same thing about choosing not to do it. I regret not have the ability to get my youngest photographed professionally. What’s worse is that when they were little, digital cameras were not that great, and most of are images are so poor you really can’t do anything at all with them. Something else I deeply value is my mommas. I know and very clearly remember how hard those first few days are after having a baby. This is especially true for first time moms. Moms are tired, often in pain, many times feeling very emotional, and with all this, trying to be the best mom they can be. I never want to add to their stress. In fact, my goal is to reduce it. That is why I offer to photograph newborns in their home or mine. Having a portable studio complete with back drops, stands and lighting makes it very easy for me to travel to my client’s home to complete the session. Some moms prefer to not use their home, and that is fine too. I provide them a comfortable atmosphere in my home studio to sit back and relax while I take care of all the hard work of capture those peaceful and squishy cute images.
After the session, and after post production work, I present all images to my clients in person. I feel this gives the entire process a more personal feel and allows my clients to give me feedback on their session and their images right then and there. It also allows them to inquire as to products and packages available to purchase with instant feedback and interaction. This, I strongly feel, is a much better and more relationship building approach than to just throw the images into an online gallery, never to have more intimate contact with your clients again. I like sitting and having a cup of coffee, tea or water with my clients as they go through their images. I enjoy getting to know them and seeing their family again. I treasure these personal contacts! To help my moms, I arrange to meet them in their homes. I know mom is tired, likely got very little sleep overnight, may even still be in PJ’s and the baby just fell asleep. The last thing she wants to do is get in the car drive to my studio. Not only that, there are many moms who, by doctor’s orders, can not drive after giving birth. So I gladly hand deliver the final images to my clients homes. Of course, for those who really want to get out, the option to come to me is on the table too.
At the end of all this, to develop a friendship with my clients is the icing on the cake. You see, it isn’t just about my business, bringing in income, paying bills, churning out images. It is about making connections, bringing smiles to the faces of others. It is about joy! It is about giving people something to brighten their day. It is about being an all around decent person who cares about others and shows in throughout their business practice. Because, at the end of the day, not matter how many clients you get coming through your door, the real count of success is the number of lives you have touched in a positive way. Well, that’s my goal anyway. To bring joy to others. And by bringing joy to other’s it brings me great joy too. :-) YouTube Video | Baby Photographer | Newborn Photographer | Maternity Photographer | HS Senior Photographer | Hillsboro | Portland | Oregon 503-927-1441

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