Friday, October 14, 2011

The Amazing "Lucky Baby" Diaper Bag

After months of searching for the perfect diaper bag I finally found it on the shoulder of another mom during a visit to the zoo. It was a convertible diaper bag with a shoulder strap and two backpack straps. So cool! I had never thought of making a diaper bag with backpack straps! As much weight as these things can be loaded down with idea made sense to me. So I quickly asked the mom where she got the bag. She said she got it a Nordstom Rack. I then went home to find this amazing bag online...only to be very disappointed with the big price tag!! But, at least now I knew what I wanted! So, then began my search for "the pattern"!!! It didn't take long before I cam across the Wired Up Design website and "The Lucky Baby" diaper bag pattern. Perfect!!!

Now the big question was what fabric to use. I finally settled on a Joel Dewberry fabric in his Aviary 2 design. A feminine fabric that wasn't too girly that my husband would be embarrassed to carry! It worked out perfectly!

I just love this bag!

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