Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How To Get That Baby To Eat!

Some of you know how I had pre-made a bunch of baby food for my little one. Pears, apples and squash all pureed, natural and sitting in my freezer read to serve up. I am thinking, wow, my baby is going to just love this food! She is going to eat it all up and beg for more....yeah, okay, things didn't go exactly like this.

The first couple times I fed her (Baby E) she seemed to really like it. Then, out of the blue, she wouldn't eat a bite. She instead made the funniest faces and repeatedly spit out the food. Shucks! That is not how this was supposed to go!

So what's a mom to do, you ask. After talking with her pediatrician and getting the "okay", I began lightly flavoring Baby E's food. It worked like a charm. She is eating away again, no complaints and no negative reaction from a little flavoring. Yeah.

Now, the run down of how her food is prepared. First I typically use about two ice cube portions of whatever pre-made food I have prepared (ie. squash or apples). These have already been pureed, mixed with either breast milk or formula and a little of the stock that developed underneath them as they were steamed.

Next, I mix about 1 ounce of water, or breast milk with a tiny bit of cereal until I get the desired consistency. I mix the cereal with the warmed food I heated up from the freezer. I then add a tiny little sprinkle of a sugar substitute. I use Truvia, which is very sweet so I am careful to only add a tiny sprinkle. I then add a dash of cinnamon, and I mean a tiny dash! You don't want to mask the flavor of the food completely. You do still want your baby to develop a preference for natural foods.

And that's it! That little bit of seasoning is all it took for Baby E to go from frowning and spitting out everything that touched her lips to gulping it down and begging for more! Happy baby = happy Mom!

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