Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Crazy Scraps Granny "Square" Hat

I am so bad about blogging! I get so caught up in my creations that I fail sometimes to pay attention to the Blog! So, this blog is dedicated to all that I have been doing rather than blogging, mainly my crazy scraps hat currently for sale in my ETSY store.

I ended up making this hat completely by accident. I started off making a granny square and thinking about sewing a few together to make a block. However, by the 6th or 7th round of the square I realized it was getting way too big! I was ready to tear it apart and start something new. Instead I had an idea. Why not form this granny into a hat? So that is what I did. I followed free pattern instructions from Ravelry http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/circle-of-friends-square out to the diameter I thought would be adequate for a baby hat. From there I just started crocheting all kinds of stiches, making sure to keep the number of stitches the same for each round (not increasing or decreasing). Finally, I added a soft and thick wool trim to give it a finished look.

It came out looking so different from any hat I have seen out there. You have to admit, it is different looking! And super fun! This technique is a really easy way for anyone to create a hat of their own...without a set hat pattern. Just find a granny square pattern that starts in a circular pattern and use it to establish the top of the hat, then just get funky with it and use your imagination! Change up the stitches, change yarns (though keep the yarn weight the same or you'll have to change your needle)...have fun!

I used several stitch patterns on this hat. I used groups of two dcs, cross stiches, groups of 3 dcs together and long dcs through rows below the current stitches. Any stitch will do, just so long as you keep the count consistent.

Now it's your turn! Have fun!

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