Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Introducing my Deluxe Baby Booties and more.

January started off as a good month, but about mid-way through I got all caught up in an idea and became determined to figure out a way to increase my sales on Etsy. Thus, the rest of the house was ignored. Yup, you know what that means. I've got a lot of household chores to catch up on!

Good news is that I think I have developed a great product that in time will be a number one seller! I saw so many booties on Etsy, many of which look so much like so many others, and I just knew that to be successful I needed something to set my product in a different category. I decided to crochet tiny embellishments on each booty, or hand embroider designs on each one to add to their aesthetic qualities and provide something no one else is, that I can see on Etsy.

The first set of booties I listed sold within hours! I hope that is a good sign. Only time will tell. I love feedback, so please check out my products and let me know what you think. Here are some photos:

Aside from that I have been trying to continue decluttering the house, though I am behind on the schedule. I feel like once I get this new booty line up and running I will feel good to get back to getting the house in order. As it is, I have family arriving in a month and I am totally not ready!!

February, I hope, will be a productive month. My plans for this month are to gut my teenage daughter's bedroom and redo it...in a more grown up fashion. Gone will be the fairies and stuffed animals and in will move a mature theme appropriate for a young girl her age. Maybe that will motivate her to keep her room clean....a girl can wish!

So, before I go, here are some great sites on found on embroidery that I hope are going to help guide me through learning this new trade.

Wild Olive:

Sarah's Embroidery:

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