Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fancy Burp Rag

During my seemingly unending musical block building project I just needed a break! So I dabbled into something a little different. I thought this project would be very easy, but due to my poor sewing skills, it proved to be a little challenging.

I ran into trouble trying to line up seems front and back. As a result, there are multiple lines of stitches instead of just one! Yuck! But, hey, I am not trying to sell these and for personal use I know they will be perfect! Yes, I said “they”. I have one done, but I am going to do something to all the burp rags. Why not? It makes them look so much nicer! In fact, I can see using these even after Emma no longer needs them!

I got the idea and basic instructions from this blog:

Isn't this duck so cute??!! You can buy this now at JoAnn's. It is part of their waterproof baby collection just recently placed on the shelf! The fabric sold in this collection is the same type of fabric you find on many infant car seats and strollers. Oh, the projects that are rolling around in my mind!!!

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