Monday, September 12, 2011

A Lie of Convenience: when the truth hurts

A mother and her unborn baby are honored at a 9-11 Memorial in Pennsylvania.  The child is named and the bell tolls for the loss of life twice; once for the mother and once for the baby she lost. No one scoffs and yells, “Hey wait! It was never alive; it was never born!! Why ring the bell for the fetus!?”

Why is it that when a mother loses her unborn baby against her will that the baby is considered a life lost….a death? Yet, when a mother aborts her unborn baby many consider it a non-life, pregnancy tissue if you will, as though the abortion did not in fact just kill a baby? Have so many of us at some point in our lives been brainwashed to believe that abortion was okay? That we, in fact, were not ending an innocent life? I once believed that…I told myself, “It doesn’t even have the ability to know what is going on, to feel pain, to protest, to ….matter”.  Well,  “It” was a name that I and many other used to devalue the situation; to take meaning away from an extremely meaningful act. “It”, as I later learned, is really a “he” or “she”, a life, with a beating heart, that from a very early age of gestation can feel pain, and at some point and some level, comprehend that his or her life is in jeopardy.

A human is a human no matter how small and no matter what stage of development one is at, and as such is entitled to life and respect. Humans at an early stage of development may not look like you or I, but they look exactly as God intended them to look at that stage of their life.

* No, I have never had an abortion. I am only sharing my views on this horrible procedure.

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