Monday, September 12, 2011

My latest project

These days I have to stay busy to keep sane! So I line up project after project! Currently I am making several musical baby blocks made from cloth and filled with noise makers. The out side is lined with colorful fabric, photos, number, shapes and letters. I hope Baby E finds them to be fun and educational.

I used 100% cotton material and one-sided fusable Peltex for the walls of the blocks. Inside I am using bells of different sizes, beans and...I haven't thought of another sound maker just yet, but I am working on it.

My next project: a cloth wallet. (and to finish the sweater I have been working on!)

Update (10/14/11): I finished the blocks!! Whew! Sewing these shut was not easy! The Peltex was so thick. Anyway, I filled the final blocks. One I filled with a few plastic bags. That makes that neat crinkle sound that babies just love. The last block I filled with barley. Yeah, I guess that rules out throwing this in the washer. Surface wash ONLY!

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